Home renovation & refurbishment that responds to your daily life. 

We lovingly build and renovate homes that break the mould and break free from impersonal, indifferent design. 

We weave quality into every element; be it bare bricks, layout, light fittings or windows - everything is thought through to the minutest detail for practicality, and comfort.

We like to create homes that people are proud to live in and ones that will be passed down from generation to generation - they're timeless, ageless and inimitable.

Essentially, a home for life. 

We go the extra step to build or renovate houses and apartments that are homes from the moment you move in. 

And with a proven track record for building quality homes in London and Edinburgh since 2005, we're always looking forward to new, exciting opportunities. 

We don’t just build a home, we build a lifestyle that people cherish.
— Alasdair McCaig, Founder & Director of Glencorse Estates